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Charter Events: Chartering A Ship
Charter Events: Chartering A Ship
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What kind of events can you have onboard a chartered cruise ship?
The list is long and almost endless. The beauty of a chartered vessel is that it belongs to you for the time it is chartered. You can utilize the existing entertainment or bring your own. You can add activities or request new ones. Nearly all activities can be modified.

With a chartered event, you have so many options:
create memories
In every post-travel survey after a chartered event, we hear the same two words: exclusive and special. People feel like they are part of something unique. The attention to detail makes them feel special and when everyone surrounding you is there for the same reason it brings a feeling of exclusivity to the experience.
Providing the most value for your dollar is important to us. Even more important is working within your budget. We'll never nickel-and-dime you - you will always know your pricing up front, and we'll provide complete transparency.
customize the experience
What experience do you want to provide your employees, friends, fans, or customers? How can we brand your event? What are your goals? Each is unique and requires a special eye. We match your event type with specialists who understand and enjoy planning a corporate event.
skilled negotiation
By choosing the largest provider of cruises in America, you are partnering with a team that has excellent negotiating power. With larger events (more than 199 attendees) we have even more influence! This is our favorite thing - not only providing great pricing, but also the best value at sea!
venue selection
No matter your budget or demographic, we'll ask the right questions to provide the right ship for your event. Our Event Specialists have intimate and first-hand knowledge of each and every vessel that we sell.
clearly defined timelines & payment requirements
We will never leave you guessing. From the very beginning, we will provide you with clear timelines for event coordination as well as clear payment deadlines.
personalized online registration
By utilizing our services, you will eliminate event administration work from your to-do list. We will provide you with your own, branded website. It can simply be emailed to your guests. We collect all of the attendee information, and upload it to our travel partners. You won't have to lift a finger - unless you want to! Here's a sample site. Here's a sample site.
communication of event information
Is there pre-event information to share? Do you have a communication plan that requires clear timing? We can coordinate email communication and automate email communications based on your timing requirements.
onboard support
If your event requires onboard support, we'll be there. We want to support your event however you see fit - even if that means traveling with you! Different events have different requirements; always discuss your "on-ship" needs with your Event Specialist.
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