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Gay & Lesbian Cruises
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When you set sail with RSVP, you can feel free to be yourself. RSVP charters entire cruise ships, then refashions them as a gay and lesbian utopia. Special activities, custom entertainment, and RSVP's legendary customer service all help to create an atmosphere where differences become insignificant – and friendship prevails. Take a peek – the more you know, the more you'll want to RSVP.
2012 Mediterranean Cruise from$1,199Select this itinerary

Ship Name:Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam

Sailing Date:June 29 - July 6, 2012
Ports of Call:Barcelona, Spain; Casablanca, Morocco; Cadiz (Seville), Spain; Ibiza, Spain; Ibiza, Spain; Valencia, Spain; Barcelona, Spain
Prices From:$1,199$1,329$1,599$2,549
The RSVP Experience
Who cruises with RSVP? The best people on the planet vacation with RSVP! Gay men and lesbians who want to have a great time. People that want to relax and enjoy the incredible camaraderie, people who want to party, and people who might like a little of both.

More men than women travel with RSVP, but the word is getting out to the lesbian community. Women that have sailed with RSVP come back – and bring along their friends. RSVP's male guests are generally split down the middle – half are singles and half are couples – while RSVP's lesbian guests are almost exclusively couples. The average age of an RSVP guest is roughly 35 – much younger than your typical cruise passenger.

Over 99% of RSVP's guests are gay or lesbian, but parents, family, and friends are welcome, too. Everyone celebrates together on an RSVP cruise. Differences become insignificant, and the freedom to be yourself is refreshing and rejuvenating. A simple gesture – holding your partner's hand, for example – doesn't have to become a "big event." You can laugh freely, dance cheek-to-cheek, and relax completely.

There's nothing quite like it. RSVP takes over the entire ship, so every passenger is part of the event – men and women, older and younger, couples and singles, party animals and wallflowers. People from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

RSVP has been around. They've listened to their guests, so they know what it takes to create the perfect gay and lesbian cruise vacation, whether that means changing an itinerary, or supplementing the ship's staff with their own friendly crew. And RSVP wants to make sure you'll have a fabulous time, so activities are always customized to suit passengers' tastes. Costume and toga parties. Dating and newlywed games. T-dances, theme parties, and RSVP's famous pool games. On larger charters, the "traditional" entertainment is replaced with custom-designed events. RSVP has produced over 500 stylish shows. Past entertainers include Harvey Fierstein, Kate Clinton, Betty Buckley, Lainie Kazan, Judy Gold, and Joan Rivers. Not to mention special guest speakers, commitment ceremonies, and resident RSVP host and "Funny Man" Danny Williams.

The service is legendary, and the expertise is unmatched. It's more than just a collection of people on vacation. The focus is on creating a community – everyone, all the time – and RSVP guests often become friends for life.

Bottom line? An RSVP cruise is great fun. And that's why RSVP guests come back year after year.

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