Cruise Ship Freebies: 4 Extras On The High Seas
March 27, 2015
Just because you're out to sea doesn't mean your thrifty nature isn't. Luckily, shrewd cruisers like you are finding that there is plenty to do and enjoy once your cruise ship has left the port - and plenty of things to acquire for FREE. Join us as we deconstruct a cruise vacation and learn how to get more for absolutely nothing.

1. Free tickets to shows. No matter what line you're cruising, there will be plenty to entertain you - for free. On Carnival Cruise Lines, there are complimentary comedy shows to get you in a mirthful mood. The Norwegian Epic has incredible (and free) Blue Man Group performances throughout the length of the cruise, while the Norwegian Getaway has "Legally Blonde: the Musical" for you to enjoy (for serious). At the start of your trip, decide what you'd like to see and when you'd like to see it, then either use the onboard kiosks to register yourself or group, or visit the customer service desk.

2. Breakfast in bed. Enjoy breakfast in bed. Every day, if you'd like. And the best part? It's completely free. Nearly all cruise ships offer a menu of food you can enjoy in the morning brought straight to your door. While such a menu is often smaller than you'd find in the dining room, the convenience of this service makes it oh-so-worth it. Look in your welcome packet or ask at your pursuer's desk for a menu and ordering form that you'll hang from your room's exterior handle.

3. Visit the onboard sauna. In the mood for a steam? You could be surprised at the cost for this service (hint: in many cases, it's completely free). Oftentimes, the shipboard sauna is priced separately from a spa day membership and certainly independent (and much less expensive) than other spa treatments. Do some investigating on your cruise line and if the stars align, be ready to enjoy a trip to the sauna, as many times as you like, completely for free.

4. Stop in at the purser's desk. Skip the onboard shop - if you're in need to dental floss, shampoo, toothbrushes, or even playing cards, you're in luck. Take a quick trip down the hallway to the pursuer's desk, where a friendly inquiry can save you cash. If you need a few painkillers but don't want to dish out the cash for the full (and sometimes premium) cost of a bottle, it's worth stopping here first.

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