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  • A group cruise sails with EIGHT cabins or more.
  • Typically, a group leader, appointed by the group, helps orchestrate all the fun!
  • It's a great price. More cabins equal more value!

With our busy lives and careers, it's hard to have meaningful time with anyone we care about. One of the best parts of cruising in a group is connecting with family or friends. There are a million reasons to plan a group cruise - many types of groups you will read about on our site, but why is it better?

It's just more fun. Isn't that why we go on a cruise? Imagine ... The first day of your cruise, we organize a welcome cocktail party where everyone traveling in your group meets in a designated area for an hour or two to connect and begin planning all of the fun they will have!

Can you see yourself having wonderful, exciting days, exploring with your family and then meeting your entire group for dinner each night to share fun conversation, a delicious meal, and even a nightcap! There are almost always little bonuses for sailing with a group. Things like shipboard credits, bottles of wine, or even sometimes a complimentary shore excursion!

Whether it's your family or a Boot Camp Fitness group, we will help you get those hard to reach people on board! We'll provide you with all the resources you'll need to motivate, educate, and excite people to enjoy your cruise with. As a group leader or group organizer, you may need support in deciding on all of the little things. That is where our experts come in. They can help you select the right departure date, itinerary length, and activites which lead directly to staying within the budget you require for you and your group! Your group agent will help you to identify the needs of your group and will be sure to clearly understand your expectations.

Why cruise with a group? It's a great value. It's time well spent with family and friends. It's an adventure. The number one reason we think it's better to cruise with a group? It's just more fun!

Class reunion? Family Reunion? Church Group? Wedding? Any reason to bring friends and family together for cruising is a good one! Let Cruises.com be your guide to the greatest memories ever. With 8 cabins or more, our Group Cruise Experts will lead the way.

Love to Run? Scrapbook? Want to Cruise with an Elvis impersonator? You can even bring your Fitness Boot Camp on board a cruise ship! Let us help you pull everyone together. People you know, people you don't know - let's bring them! Cruises.com can support you and your group that share the same passion! We can arrange your dining, reserve meeting space, and even orchestrate your events. You can do all of this with your personal, Common Interest Group Expert!

Would you like to reward your employees for a job well done? Would you like to celebrate a great fiscal year? What about your top sales people? Even a corporate retreat or seminar! Cruising is an incredible way to provide your best employees with an experience second-to-none without a-la-carte pricing. Pay one bill, one time, for your corporate trip and let Cruises.com take you there.

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